The 5 Most Expensive Apartments of NY

Live in the Big Apple and hobnob with the cream of New York has its price, economic, clear.

The Michelle’s story is of success, a great success and, of course, she was aware, not in vain, had worked very hard since she decided that her triumph would come at the hands of her effort. It had already spent ten years from her first steps in appliances store as a shop assistant, she remembered fondly her great friends, hours without charging anything and uncomfortable situations with customers nothing comprehensive. It was all part of the past, but, she knew it, this part had allowed her to grow.

Apartamento en Madison Park
Apartment in Madison Park

The brand of Pfeifer, which not Pfeiffer, had grown exponentially in recent years, in fact, had tripled its profits last year and, at present, her advisers predicted that she was going to double (at least) these results. She was growing up so much, that the West Coast already was small, had to expand and needed a new business centre to cover all North America. «What better place than the Big Apple?», Michelle thought, «another dream to fulfill». 

Edificio One Madison de NY
One Madison Building, NY

Her team would decide a operational Center as the best corporate choice, she puts it in their hands, but the choice of habitual residence was for her. She collected information and proceeded to visit the most luxurious apartments on the market. Her first choice was the One Madison, she had heard talk both of it… the study of Cetra/Ruddy architecture had created a stylized, elegant and asymmetrical version of a skyscraper with fifty plants and 182 meters of height.

This new New York icon had become a sales success and it was not surprising that its attic, with 706 square meters and 360 degree views, including the Madison Square Park Green, had become one of the most expensive, it cost 72 million dollars (64 of euros), but the space was unimportant if you compare it with the possibility of having private lift, personal Butler, projection room, spa with cover glass, and most interesting, be able hobnob at the Club with great personalities.

Vistas del Hotel Ritz Carlton
Hotel Ritz Carlton

Looking back, the silhouette of glass and bronze of the One Madison, she could not help feeling that she would not be the last time that see the building. Now she had planned another iconic visit: was for sale a attic at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park, designed by Polshek Partnership (which had changed its name to Ennead Architects) & Handel Architects, the amount was around 75 million dollars (66.5 euros). The construction of the 136 metre high skyscraper was completed in 2001, and of its 38 floors, the first twelve belong to the Ritz Carlton Hotel, the other plants having a total of 150 luxury condominiums.

Un apartamento en el Ritz con unas vistas de 360 grados
Apartment in the Ritz with 360 degree views

The apartment had views of 360 degrees (including some of the most important monuments in New York as the statue of the liberty), 697 square meters of surface area, with details of luxury as Venetian stucco and an exceptional work of carpentry, as well as appliances of first (never hurts). In addition, has the advantage of having the Ritz as a neighbor, benefiting from its amenities, such as the Concierge 24 hours, room service, 24-hour gym, spa, parking or cleaning service among others. Definitely the apartment could be on the list of possible candidates.

Un apartamento propiedad de Demi Moore
An apartment owned by Demi Moore

The third apartment also had a undeniable incentives, to start it cost the same that the property of the Ritz, and to continue had been owned of Demi Moore, Michelle was fascinated at the thought that she could live in the same place that did the famous actress. The luxurious property is within the building built in 1930 according to design by the architect Emery Roth, being the first building in New York to be built with twin towers.

Un triplex de ensueño que perteneció a la actriz Demi Moore
A triplex that belonged to actress Demi Moore

The apartment was a triplex in the South Tower, with a spectacular entrance hall of two storey, which can be reached by private elevator. The ground floor has living room, library, dining room and kitchen, on the first floor are five bedrooms and an office and in the second floor are game room, kitchen, spacious rooms, bath rooms and a study, as well as access to the incredible terraces of almost 360 degrees, she took note of the monthly expenditure: 3.273 dollars (2,904 euros).

Edificio The Atelier con vistas al río Hudson
The Atelier building

She had a special illusion by the fourth visit, liked the name of the building (The Atelier) and the location was unbeatable (crossing 42nd Street and Times Square overlooking the Hudson River), also was a recent building, completed in 2015, which reaches a height of 200 metres. The residence have wood floors of white oak directly imported from Italy, polished marble floors and stainless steel appliances. Its price is 85 million dollars (75,43 million euros).

Una casa con todos los lujos sólo para ricos
A house with all the luxuries

She was beginning to realize that, in this type of real estate, the least was have Concierge 24 hours, gym and swimming pool, but, also, this apartment had garden terrace, tennis courts and basketball and a shuttle service that runs through the town. The best thing was that they were offering, and if she bought, the offer included a $ 1 million yacht with docking up to five years, two Rolls Royce, a dinner for two people each week in Daniel and the rental of a mansion in the Hamptons in the summer, a sweet very pleasant, make no mistake.

009 Sherry Netherland exclusive-1-superJumbo
The floor is located on the legendary Sherry Netherland 18th floor

At the end, when Michelle Pfeifer thought that nothing could surprise her, she visited the most expensive apartment in New York (at this time), and how it could not be otherwise, fell in love with it. The floor is located on the legendary Sherry Netherland 18th floor and could be acquired by (only) 86 million dollars (76,32 euros). It is, possibly, one of the most famous hotels in the world, built in 1927 rises to 170 meters with 38 plants and its extraordinary and characteristic color red terracotta.

Este es el piso más caro de Nueva York
This is the most expensive apartment in New York

«Of course», thought the protagonist, «the American dream, my American dream should culminate here». And she non lacking reason, live in this apartment with fifteen rooms in perfect condition that flood of light, surrounded by terraces, and huge views of the most famous Park in the world (Central Park) was all a dream, for a cost of 4.757 euros per month (4,221 euros) for maintenance. The classic style floods everything, almost as much as the good taste, from the beautiful façade to the interior decoration lend elegance to who dwell it, «all people should live in a place like this» Michelle thought magnanimous before sitting down to negotiate. 

Elegancia en un mobiliario clásico y barroco
Elegant baroque and classical furniture

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it. 


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