The sky is the limit

Sales of private jets and customizing luxury planes still a good deal.

The Luxonomist. 14/04/2015
Comlux Boeing 767
Inside a Boeing 767 designed by Comlux Aviation. Click for more information

For those that Business Class are too small, there is still a way to travel the sky with great detail. Rock stars such as Elvis Presley, came to have two private jets with traveling from coast to coast. Named after her daughter, Lisa Marie, in 1975 already had one bedroom, fully stocked bar and toilets with gold accessories.

Companies like Comlux Aviation, currently in charge of remodeling and conditioning aircraft for demanding customers. As the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, one of the world’s richest man. It could well launch a small airline, because luxury has 4 planes, including the star of Airbus, the A380.

At its plant in Indianapolis, Comlux adapted aircraft from Boeing and Airbus and after a thorough design process proceeds to install all spaces and customer selected accessories. According account Scott Meyer, CEO of Comlux, «We can not say no to buyers, but some things really asking are very difficult to install in an airplane.»

Exclusive woods abound, the most delicate carpets, better treated hides and chrome gold. This handmade and installed with the best of dedications. A Donald Trump for example, does not bother you teach your plane. Quite a Boeing 757 full of details that cost one hundred million dollars, second hand, because he bought mogul Microsoft, Paul Allen.

Comlux 2
Interior designed by Comlux Aviation. Click for more information

Donald Trump makes no secret that he likes his plane is «Comfort, size … and it is very fast.» In its Boeing 757, Donald Trump has two full bedrooms, heated floors and two showers. A luxury to fly better than Business … like a King or a rock star.


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