Ronaldo, a Followers Star

Messi ranks second in the ranking.

Agustín Castellote. 17/01/2017

To triumph on the pitch and become a benchmark outside of it, that is the goal of the most famous athletes who understand how social networks have become the primary source of communication worldwide. An essential element to becoming known, position and place the products, aware that the more we move in the networks, the more they know us, the greater impact our messages will reach.

Messi ocupa el segundo puesto del ranking. Esta foto sacada de su IG acumula más de 2 millones de likes
Messi ranks second in the ranking. This photo taken from your IG accumulates more than 2 million likes

Every day the presence in the online communication platforms becomes more important, feeding one of the most important points of meeting between idols and followers. That is why today we tell you who are the most followed sportsmen in the world in social networks.

Más de 1,6 millones de likes para esta foto de Neymar Jr, tercero del ranking
More than 1.6 million likes for this photo of Neymar Jr, third in the ranking

The tsunami Cristiano Ronaldo and everything around him make him the most followed sportsman worldwide in social technologies. Using the most popular networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the Portuguese footballer (recent Golden Ball) reaches 249 million followers, 117 million through Facebook, 85 million Instagram and 47 million followers on Twitter.

Lebron James se cuela en el ranking desafiando al podio de futbolistas
Lebron James scores in the ranking challenging the podium of players

Another player, Leo Messi, who although he does not have an official account on Twitter, would get second place in that ranking of the most followed with 150 million potential customers, 88 million followers on Facebook and 62 million on Instagram. The third place would be for Neymar Jr. Also a footballer, with 147 million fans among the three tools analyzed.

Rafa Nadal encabeza el ranking de nuestros deportistas más seguidos
Rafa Nadal tops the ranking of our most followed athletes

Aware of the enormous strength of football at the grassroots level, it is necessary to descend to the fourth step of that classification to find the first non-player sportsman, who is most influential in the networks. He is the American basketball player (NBA) Lebron James that sums 84 million hardcore, very far from the previous ones.

Los más seguidos
The most followed of the world in millions of followers.

The enormous distance regarding some supporters in social networks between the players and the rest of athletes is surprising. Of the 249 million CR7 or Messi’s 150, we passed the Lebron James 84, the 34 million American boxer, Floyd Mayweather; 30 million Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt; 29 million Rafael Nadal; 19 of Italian rider Valentino Rossi; 14 million of the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, Michael Phelps or the 13 million followers of Lewis Hamilton.

Los deportistas más seguidos (no futbolistas)
The most followed athletes (not soccer players)

As for the Spanish footballers, the most followed in social networks is Andrés Iniesta. The Fuentealbilla player reaches 56 million followers ahead of Sergio Ramos with 44 million, Gerard Piqué with 43 million and Iker Casillas, Porto player with 41 million.

Los futbolistas españoles más seguidos
The most followed Spanish soccer players

Other athletes in Spain, outside of football, are led by Rafa Nadal with 29 million fans, Pau Gasol with 12 million, Marc Márquez with 8 and Fernando Alonso with 5 million supporters.

Deportistas españoles más seguidos
More Spanish athletes

Conceived as an instrument of leisure, social networks have uncovered as a fundamental tool in the different business models. Sports and athletes are no strangers to this boom, which allows fans to get closer to their favorite athletes and become a referent, on and off the slopes.


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