Li Yifeng Joins Tag Heuer

He started his career as a singer and has become an eminent actor, creating many impressive characters.

The Luxonomist. 03/07/2015
Tag Heuer 1
Li Yifeng, TAG Heuer Ambassador for the Greater China Region. (Photo: Click for more information

Though enjoying the favor of millions of fans, he has never stopped his steps towards the peak of his career. With tireless efforts in expanding his performing career and living a meaningful life, he has become a super star within just a few years. He is Li Yifeng, one of the most inevitable fashion idols in China. He has a new identity – the new TAG Heuer Ambassador for the Greater China Region.

Tag Heuer 5
Li Yifeng, TAG Heuer Ambassador for the Greater China Region. (Photo: Click for more information

In recent years, TAG Heuer has explored itself in a whole new horizon. It inherits the watch-making legacy of the Swissness with a pioneering spirit; it welcomes competition and integrates the spirit of competitive sports into its DNA; it devotes to the world of art and music and it redefines the lifestyle in a brand-new way with avant-garde design.

Quite a lot of influential young talents including Cristiano Ronaldo, Cara Delevingne, Jeremy Lin and G.E.M., joined TAG Heuer family and interpret its concept “Don’t Crack under Pressure” with their own bold personalities. And now, Li Yifeng also becomes a member of this starry family and open a new era of his own style.

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TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage Calibre 1887 Chronograph. (Photo: Click for more information

Li Yifeng was first known in a Chinese Mainland talent show, and has been extending his performing career step by step through several music albums, songwriting, TV dramas and movies. He has continuously come out of his comfortable zone, bravely climbed to the summit of his career and won many awards. He also ranked one of the Forbes’ Top 10 Chinese Celebrities of 2015.

With his unique charm and good fashion taste, Li has won the hearts of countless fans and become an icon and the fashion trailblazer for an entire generation. The eight years of study and hard work has turned him from an immature boy into a charismatic and versatile artist. He sticks to his own road, calmly faces every challenge and interprets the essence of “Don’t Crack under Pressure” with his own efforts.

Tag Heuer 2
Li Yifeng, TAG Heuer Ambassador for the Greater China Region. (Photo: Click for more information

On July 1st, on the occasion of the opening of TAG Heuer store at Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai, TAG Heuer held a press conference to declare Li as its Ambassador for Greater China. Jean-Claude Biver, President of Watch division of the LVMH Group and CEO of TAG Heuer, said that, “Li Yifeng has remarkable influence on the youngsters born in 1990s throughout China and his success shows the vigor and indefinite possibilities of the young people. Li can help TAG Heuer in reaching out to the brave young generation in China.”

At the press conference, Li wears TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage Calibre 1887 Chronograph, of which the simple and stylish design has complemented well with Li’s handsome and cool image and the bravery, passion and charm that it represents perfectly fitted Li’s performance road.

Tag Heuer 3
Li Yifeng, TAG Heuer Ambassador for the Greater China Region. (Photo: Click for more information

Li also visited the new pop-up store of TAG Heuer at the first floor of Grand Gateway 66. The store presents all series of products of TAG Heuer, and takes cool black as its main color, matching with warm red to highlight the avant-garde design. Outside, the store displays the images of Jeremy Lin, a basketball star of NBA and G.E.M., a popular singer in Asia, which reveal the vigor and vitality of the youth and bring a whole new shopping experience for clientele.


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