We Advance or Not?

Last Monday was held worldwide International Day of breast cancer.

Julio Puig. 23/10/2015
Angelina Jolie se sometió a una doble masectomía para prevenir el cáncer de mama

Breast cancer is the most common tumor among women around the world, with the exception of non-melanoma skin cancer. In Spain, about 26,000 cases a year, most between 35 and 80 years are diagnosed, with a peak between 45 and 65. Worldwide, according to WHO data, diagnoses increased by 20% each year, to the point that there will be about 2.5 million women with breast cancer in 2025.

Kylie Minogue superó un cáncer de mama en 2005
Kylie Minogue beat breast cancer in 2005

These data seem worse than they are, because although it is an upward progression, it is very slow. The reasons for this prevalence is due to the gradual aging of the population, a diet with too much saturated fat, alcohol abuse, sedentary lifestyle and new reproductive patterns, which lead women not having children or having them later ages and give up breast feeding.

In Spain, breast cancer is a disease about which more is being invested, which reports continued advances in research. Treatment protocols offer a high degree of effectiveness, especially if it is detected in early stages. The reality is that with the right combination of measures, which include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone treatments and surgery, nearly 95% of cases are cured.It is estimated that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during life. Although the cure rates are very high, nearly 95% of cases.

Bimba Bosé has surpassed breast cancer and now supports AECC

WARNING SIGNS:Plastic surgeon Dr. Puig points that in early stages, breast cancer usually does not cause symptoms, hence the need to include mammography in routine gynecologic fromage 45 tests, and it is very important that women know which alterations in the breast need a visit to the doctor:

  • Appearance of a nodule in the breast or armpit.
  • Breast pain when touched.
  • Changing the size of the breasts, irregular in outline, or loss of mobility to lift the arms.
  • Skin disorders as ulcers or changes in texture and color.
  • Changes in the nipple, such as retraction.
  • Tiredness or localized bone pain, although these signals are more specific to the later stages.

The displayed any of these symptoms does not mean that the diagnosis will be breast cancer, because these alterations may also be associated with benign breast disease. Is the specialist which is responsible to find out what happens and what to do.

Luz Casal has suffered breast cancer twice

ONCOPLASTIC SURGERY. A great advance in the treatment of breast cancer.Althought he final solution of breast cancer in the future will surely come from the hand of genetics, meanwhile, usually surgery intervention is necessary. The highly mutilating surgery used decades ago, today has established conservative surgery. A current step is the intervention in the processal of cosmetic surgeons.Thus, the patient leaves the operating room with the reconstructed breast in a single surgery, and with the most aesthetic appearance posible.

Shaila Dúrcal y Marta Sánchez, famosas y solidarias con el cáncer de mama
Shaila Durcal and Marta Sanchez, famous and solidarity with breast cancer.

In selected cases, these patients are performed tumor and axillary lymph resection and aesthetic breast reconstruction. Contralateral breast is also treated, if necessary, for a symmetrical result. The patient leaves the operating room as if she had undergone cosmetic breast surgery. Subsequently, it is treated by the oncologist with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy according to the appropriate protocol for each case.


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